My hope holds fast to nothing less
than he who can deliver us
The chasm is an ocean wide
and promise lies on the other side

You part the sea

Let water rise from its resting place
with the might of giant rushing gates
A path between on the ocean floor
Safe harbor from shore to shore

And You never let me go

None could ever circumvent
coming tides from heaven sent
Crushing waters of the sea
running back and rescuing

You open up the sea despite our unbelief

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the LORD drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.
— exodus 14:21 esv

Deliverance is a word that strikes a chord. For some, it is escape from an army of enemies because of full-blown supernatural divine intervention. For others, it is a visceral feeling when we are freed from some dreadful state of things.
There is, however, a form of deliverance that is even greater.
Deliverance of the spiritual sort is much more far-reaching than a triumph over an Egyptian dictator. This is because deliverance from sin is transformative to our very souls. It has the power to create a heart when there was none and pay a debt that was unpayable otherwise. It has the power to reconcile the alienated family, restore sensitivity to the Spirit, and give the cynic a place at the family table. The parting of a sea pales in comparison.

For Moses, the sea was a picture. He experienced God’s deliverance which is always rooted in his own faithfulness. After all, how far will the Lord go to complete the promises he gives? What man can circumvent the will of God? What sword can overtake an ocean?