Out of nothing you create
from the dust of the earth
You made my frame

You formed my parts
and stitched me together
in my mothers womb

Nothing I do
is hidden from You
You know my soul

You knew the depths of my heart
You knew the depths of my soul
before I knew who I was
before I was formed

Where could I go
from your Spirit
where could I run? 

If I make my bed in hell
You see me
Even darkness is not dark

And if I journey there
to the heavens
Your light warms me

God, your breath is life


My hope holds fast to nothing less
than he who can deliver us
The chasm is an ocean wide
and promise lies on the other side

You part the sea

Let water rise from its resting place
with the might of giant rushing gates
A path between on the ocean floor
Safe harbor from shore to shore

And You never let me go

None could ever circumvent
coming tides from heaven sent
Crushing waters of the sea
running back and rescuing

You open up the sea despite our unbelief


These fields are fallow, deserted, kept down
still I sow to the ground
My heart runs shallow, robbed by the time
I’ve wasted in pride

Lift my head, I see the famine tamed the swagger
Hope awaits to bring me home

My heart is pounding, I’ve longed for your return
to give you more than you deserve
Redemption resounding, no longer deprived
you were dead, now alive

Lift your head, I see the famine tamed the swagger
Hope awaits to bring you home


The wrong is in me, there is nothing wrong with You

I am a dead man walking
No breath in my lungs, I’m nothing but bones
I walk alone through the darkness  
Digging my grave, preparing my home
I know nothing of peace
I’ve got blood on my hands and I lie through my teeth
So why do I blame you? 

Where is hope? Is all lost? 
Is there peace, some relief? I need to see

You are good in the pain when my heart is heavy
Rest for my soul, You’re the refuge I need
You are good, giving life, though I don’t deserve it
Just in your ways by your mercy and grace

It was I who was wrong and blamed everything on You
Still you looked down with love, You looked down with love
Oh my God that you’d hold back the waters from me
Flood my soul with your grace, flood me with your love
Oh my God that’d you’d save a vagrant like me  
There is hope, You are hope for a man such as I  

There is hope, I am found (the wrong is in me) 
You are peace, my relief, I’ve tasted and seen

You are good to me


I see the skies open up, revealing Zion
and One whose presence shakes foundations
I see the fullness of your reign
usher justice on every living thing
Oh, the reckoning

When it feels like all the world’s turned upside down
You’re on the throne

Come fire or stormy gale
No power can overthrow the King
the Cornerstone, the Giver of life

As fire burns a forest
As flames set the mountains ablaze
The earth declares the glory of Your name

When it feels like I am cornered and outgunned
You’re on the throne


Why do you hide your face? 
Why are you so far away when wicked men
bend low to press their will with thrones? 
Why don’t you intercede? 
Why don’t you come with speed
to wreck the tyrant’s scheme?
You lift me up from the darkest hollow
You took the weight around my neck
that was keeping me down
You pull me up to see Your empire

where wars expire and your kingdom knows rest
I’m at the end of my rope
I’m at the end of all hope
Darkness rushes me with fearless mockery
Pretension, my old friend, vying for recompense
Messiah come descend!
I found rest in Your borders
uncovered peace in Your kingdom
We’ve found rest in Your borders
endowed with peace in Your kingdom


I hear the Savior say,
“Thy strength indeed is small
Child of weakness, watch and pray
Find in Me thine all in all”
White as snow
Lord, now indeed I find
Thy power and Thine alone,
Can change the leper’s spots
And melt this heart of stone
Jesus paid it all
and all to Him I owe
My sin had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow
And when before the throne
I stand in Him complete,
“Jesus died my soul to save”
my lips shall still repeat
Oh, praise the One
who paid my debt
and raised this life
up from the dead


Oh Lord, my enemies
sprouting up like weeds
Roaring their mockery
casting stones on me
Your thunder breaks the dawn
Your fist hard in their teeth
I’m stretched but standing tall
fearless though I’m weak
You shield me
ground beneath my feet
My only
lifter of my head
Save me, oh God!


I’m a tired soul
I want to bed these burdens down
I’m a wanderer
no place to lay my head 
This place is not my home
my hope is sure
I long for Your return
I will wait for you to come
with the morning sun
You will redeem
with your steadfast love
You are my love  
Come rising Son
with healing in your wings